Danny Kyzer

Danny Kyzer

Hi, my name is Danny Kyzer, and I’m the lead pastor of Immerse Church in Leesville, SC. I was born and raised in Gilbert and graduated from Gilbert High School. I married my sweetheart, Cindy Catoe, in 1988 and we have 3 sons, Zek, Ben and Sam. I work as a farmer, raising poultry and beef cows, and I’m the owner/operator of my own business, Shady Oak Farm & Landscaping. When I’m not working, you may sometimes catch me grilling (especially barbecued chicken) and studying history (both hobbies of mine). But mostly you will find me working hard as lead pastor of Immerse Church.

When I was growing up, I was blessed to be part of a family where we were taught to believe in God, but I never felt like I had a personal relationship with Jesus. I came to know Christ in 1986, and over the years served faithfully in church. But somehow I always felt a passionate uneasiness about my spiritual walk. I saw so many hurting and lost people in the world who just weren’t being reached or welcomed because of how they looked and where they had been . I sensed that God was pressing me to do something unique and different, through which he would use me to reach those people. I fought God on that at first. More than once, he put circumstances and people in my path that seemed to say he wanted me to become a pastor and start a church where imperfect people would feel loved and welcomed. Finally, after many months of prayer, meditating on God’s word, and listening to wise advice from Godly people around me, He led me to plant a church.

I believe in accountability so, even though I had read and followed the Bible for years and clearly felt God’s calling to be a pastor, I embarked on a 2-year in-depth study of God’s Word through Seminary Extension, created by and supported by Southern Baptist Seminaries. After that, I was interviewed by a council of 9 pastors from the Lexington Baptist Association who reviewed my testimony of salvation, my pastoral calling from God and my qualifications for pastoral ministry according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9. Following that interview, I was ordained into the ministry by Center Pointe Community Church in Lexington, SC. And, with God’s leading, and help from my wife, family, friends and Center Pointe Community Church, we started in 2007 what eventually became Immerse Church.

My hope for Immerse Church is that God will continue to bring us increasing opportunities to share the Gospel and show God’s love to broken people. We seek to follow Christ and be committed to Him just like the 1st Century church inspired by Jesus.

We call our church Immerse Church because it’s a place where people are immersed in God’s love, and inspired to share it with others. We like to say it’s a place, “Where Jesus and Life Connect.” I love it because our people are real, genuine and authentic. And regular, messed-up people will feel welcomed here. At Immerse Church, you won’t find lots of man-made rituals, traditions and rules. But you will find God’s truth and love being shared in a way that is clear, simple and practical. If that sounds good to you, come visit us any Sunday morning at 10am. I would love to meet you!