Safety & Security
All of our childrens' classes are a safe, clean place, carefully staffed to make sure your children are well cared for while you are in the church service. For children younger than 7th grade, we use a system of bracelets or stickers which are checked for the added security of each child when they are picked up after church. All workers volunteering in our childrens area have a SLED background check completed before working with any children, and are required to complete an annual training workshop.

I-babies - birth to 2 years
Children from birth to 2 years meet in our nursery area on Sunday mornings. We know that children can understand basic truths, even at such young ages, and we show them God's love through comfort, safety and security.

I-tots - 2-4 years
Pre-school children ages 2-4 meet and make friends in the I-tots class where they have fun and learn about God in a safe, age-appropriate environment.

I-kids - 5 years to 5th grade
Children from 5 years to 5th grade meet in the I-kids group on Sunday mornings. At this age, we help them learn to worship through singing and Bible study. It's a time for them to build quality friendships, and experience God in both quiet times as well as energetic activities.

I-teens - 6th-12th grade
This group meets at 6:00 pm each Sunday evening at Immerse Church. High school students in I-teens experience something bigger by joining in games, discussions and projects together with friends. They will find a relaxing environment where they can have fun, and connect with God and other students away from the distractions of life. This age is an exciting and fun time when students are learning where they are going with life, and how God wants to help them on their journey.


Men's Group
Men's group is a gathering where men can eat good food, meet new friends and laugh together. The Men's Group offers an opportunity to share life, pray for each other and work on projects together to serve others and demonstrate God's love.

Women's Group
Our Women's Group is an environment where women encourage each other, build each other up and follow God together. Each month we share ways to develop and grow an intimate relationship with God, including Bible study, application of what we learn in daily life and praying together. Bring a snack, and enjoy meeting some great, new friends. We look forward to seeing you!

Home Groups
Immerse Church Home Groups are groups of 6 to 10 adults, men and women together, who meet periodically to eat, have fun, discuss relevant Bible topics and pray together. In Home Groups, you also have the opportunity to share life with others, create friendships and engage in occasional outings and projects to have fun together and serve others in the community.

For more information about how to connect with others at Immerse Church, check out the church calendar, contact us, and we will be happy to provide details about who to contact, meeting times and locations. We look forward to meeting you!