Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged

A few years ago I got into one of those places where I got frustrated, aggravated, fed up and just didn’t want to be around anybody, especially people who wanted to “fix” me. I had a lot of things going on in life and it felt like I was struggling and pulling to keep everything together. I was heading to a place where I just didn’t care. I felt like “let it all come unraveled, I’m just tired of it.” That’s not good to hear coming from your pastor, but I’m human. I’m sure some of you have gotten there – or you may be there right now. Thankfully, it didn’t last a long time. I hate being there.

But God reminded me of some things through his Word and put one of those people in my life who didn’t try to “fix” me, but just said, “I love you, brother.”

Have you ever been there before? You’ve walked away from God, you’re too ashamed to go back and you feel hypocritical about asking God for help. So you’re stuck. You feel like “God is not really happy with me right now.” But we forget that God sees us like we see our own children. What if your kids disappoint you? Do you throw them out? Of course not! You still love them and care about them, even though they have done something wrong. So many times we forget that God looks at us the same way. That’s because the enemy wants to get you discouraged and thinking that God doesn’t love you anymore. That’s a lie.

In my own journey back, God showed me some words that reminded me of where I had been before and what He had done for me because of His great love for me.

Isaiah 53:6
“We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
each of us have turned to our own way”

Romans 3:23
“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

These verses helped me remember my previous condition, and brought to mind my standing now with my Heavenly Father. God was saying, “Danny, you were lost, you were condemned, you were a dead man walking, but because of my Son you are no longer that.” It helped me to get re-focused on who God is and how much God cares.

We all have journeys. I don’t know what your journey will look like tomorrow, or next week. But God is still God on Monday morning, and he’s still God by Friday afternoon. Seek Him for wisdom. Listen to His instruction. Love people even when you don’t want to. Love them, because He loves us when we shouldn’t be loved, even to this day. Trust God and don’t walk away from Him. Sometimes it’s kind of tough getting back. For some people it’s been years and they’re so discouraged now and so sure God hates them, they won’t cry out. But God wants to restore you. So trust Him!


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